Sunday, June 19, 2022

The Green Light is Back

Insteon users have had a bad couple of months. I gave up and moved on.

Then Insteon rose from the ashes.


Here's their blog post:

A New Day for Insteon!
We are a small group of passionate Insteon users that have successfully acquired Insteon. Like many of you, our homes are powered by Insteon’s amazing dual-mesh technology and highly configurable products. 

Most of you discovered that the Insteon Hubs began coming back online. Our first priority was getting the hubs online immediately before we had access to this site, the email service provider, social accounts, etc. Every day more customers were giving up hope so it was critical to get that restored as soon as possible. We are aware not all functions are back online but we are actively working on it. We hope you understand this urgency and appreciate your patience. 

Going forward we are committed to responsibly re-building the Insteon business. Our commitment to you, as part of the Insteon family, is to listen, communicate and be as transparent as possible in everything we do. 

Please stay tuned for updates here as well as on twitter, facebook, reddit and elsewhere. If you are an Insteon Hub account holder, look for an email in the coming days. 

Thank you all for your patience. We look forward to sharing this new journey with you. 

Best regards,
Ken Fairbanks
CEO, Insteon Technologies
No thanks.

And here's an e-mail thread between me and some co-workers:
A: Are either of you doing anything with the new Insteon company??
Me: Not with a 10 ft pole. The new owners seem to be well intentioned but the brand is sullied beyond reprieve.
A: That’s my thinking too. Plus I am [not] as dependent on them as some people.
B: No. Pretty much moved all to Wyze.