Sunday, February 27, 2022

AT&T Cell Booster and Wyze Cams

02/22/22 was the day that AT&T turned off their 3G network. I had been using an AT&T microcell (Cisco DPH154). That afternoon I replaced it with a new AT&T Cell Booster (Nokia SS2FII) provided by AT&T. The installation went well (considering that AT&T was involved).


That evening, I opened the Wyze app on my iPad and NONE of my cameras (v2 and v3) could connect. My first suspicion was Wyze firmware as I had done a mass firmware update the previous night at bedtime. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t check that they worked after the update.

First I power cycled all the cameras. No improvement.

Then I backleveled the firmware on one of the v2 cameras that I could reach. No improvement.

Then I stopped and restarted my 2.4GHz IoT network. No improvement.

Then I rebooted my router. No improvement.

The rest of my 2.4GHz network seemed to be working fine but I didn’t comprehensively test it. I have Ring Doorbells and Amazon Alexas on it as well.

Hmmm. What else had changed since last night? Ah, ha! The AT&T Cell Booster.

Then I unplugged the power to the AT&T Cell Booster.

All is well. Except my cell coverage.

Does anyone else even have one of these AT&T Cell Boosters? Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone have an idea for a workaround?