Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Cloud and High Availability

One of my new favorite podcasts is RunAsRadio with Richard Campbell. The June 14, 2023 edition was "High Availability in 2023 with Allan Hirt".

You can see Allan Hirt's credentials on LinkedIn.

Here's the synopsis of the podcast:
What does high availability look like in 2023? Richard chats with Allan Hirt about his work with high-availability solutions today - not just on-premises but also in the cloud. Allan talks about the frustration folks had with moving workloads in the cloud during the pandemic panic, lift-and-shifting workloads focusing on getting things working quickly rather than cost-effectively. The results can be costly, to the point where some folks considering moving back off the cloud again - but does that make sense? Allan talks about creating high availability efficiently wherever you want to run your workloads!
Richard and Allan covered availability as manifested in the cloud. Allan is a SQL Server guru who works for Pure Storage.

Here are some excerpts.
And cloud isn't a silver bullet for availability.
And the cloud doesn't eliminate traditional availability issues.
And the cloud introduces new issues.
And old issues don't go away.
And monitoring gets even more important.
But cloud providers likely provide higher availability than you could.
But just moving to the cloud doesn't guarantee more benefits.
If you're not good at on premises, you won't be any better on the cloud.
AWS - Amazon Web Services
GCP - Google Cloud Platform
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
PaaS - Platform as a Service
SCOM - Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
NOC - Network Operations Center