Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Are you tired of filling out those registration forms? Giving sites your e-mail address and then just waiting for the spam? Here's an answer: This is a site where others have logged user-ids and passwords for various web sites that are free but require registration (typically news sources). Be sure and check the "Remember me" box on the site requesting the registration so you won't have to go back to bugmenot.

An explanation of bugmenot is here and here. If you're a Firefox or Mozilla user, there's even an extension for you to use! As of tonight, it has been downloaded  62514 times!

Don't take the instructions too literally. I find that all you need for a URL is just the domain name, e.g. Also, try it with other non-news sites that you run across that require registration. I've found some interesting ones out there.

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