Wednesday, March 09, 2005


You've probably read what kind or problems I've had with Firefox. I had stumbled across MyIE2 some time back but since it used the IE engine, I fell into the rush to Firefox.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran across Maxthon (formerly known as MyIE2). This time I read it closer and then downloaded it (after all, it's free!).

Wow! It's got a lot of the Firefox capabilities (tabs, ad blockers, sidebars) but it renders like IE. I even like some of its features better than Firefox. For example, double clicking a tab closes it. Double clicking on the favicon in the address bar opens a new tab with the same URL. The Favorites sidebar has the ability to auto-hide. It has a super drag-and-drop where if you click and drag a link, that link opens in a new tab.

The number of Maxthon's options makes Firefox's look wimpy.

There are things I don't like. I miss my google tool bar. It doesn't have IE's popup blocker. The one built into Maxthon is more irritating than IE's. The help, well, there is NO help. It is slooooow rendering xsl pages.

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