Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB/SD Card

When I upgraded digital cameras, the new one (Casio EXILIM Z40) used an SD (Secure Digital) card. This threw a real monkey wrench into my collection of CF (Compact Flash) cards, especially since my trusty ThinkPad X20 had a built-in CF reader! So I had to go out and buy a couple of USB SD adapters, one for the house and one to carry in my camera bag or pocket just in case.

I had read about this gadget a while back but hadn't found a good picture of it.

What this is is an SD card with a built-in USB adapter. You just fold back the bottom half of the SD card and stick it in your USB port. It even comes with a key ring so you can use it instead of a memory stick.

Here's where you can read all about it. Looks like they're about $125 on PriceGrabber.

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