Friday, March 03, 2006

SD Card Speed

One of the things I miss going from my Clie to the Treo is the Voice Recorder application. Perusing the Treo web sites, I came across Sound Recorder from

It did what it said but when I told it to record to the SD card, the recordings came out garbled. At first I attributed it to the program but then I realized that if I let it record to the Treo's memory, they sounded fine. The SD card was the culprit.

Another Google search ensued and found this thread that lists SD cards and their performance. I downloaded cardspeed.prc V1.2 and ran my own tests.

For my primary SD card, Toshiba 512MB
Finished in 7.45 seconds
Wrt32bit: 22 bytes/second
Wrt8KB: 409600 bytes/second
Read8KB: 2621440 bytes/second

Card speed is OK
Avoid > 11KHz PCM
For my secondary SD card, PNY 512MB:
Finished in 6.70 seconds
Wrt32bit: 24 bytes/second
Wrt8KB: 429744 bytes/second
Read8KB: 2621440 bytes/second

Card speed is OK
Avoid > 11KHz PCM
There is a little variation from run to run. Notice that the Read8KB is exactly the same on both cards. Perhaps that is the limitation on the Treo bus?

Anyway, looks like I need to look for faster (more expensive) SD cards.


On this week, I came across a PQI 1 GB 60X SD card for $19.99 after rebate from and ordered it. When it came, I transfered my Treo files to it and tested it with CardSpeed. Here're the results:
Finished in 8.64 seconds
Wrt32bit: 40 bytes/second
Wrt8KB: 55188 bytes/second
Read8KB: 2383127 bytes/second

Card speed is OK
Avoid > 11KHz PCM
Now I'm confused. I guess I'll have to test it with Sound Recorder.


Anonymous said...

I've found the Sandisk Ultra II cards to be much faster and only slightly more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how I can pull the SoundRec recordings off my 650 to my computer?