Sunday, March 25, 2007


I've been wrestling with the HD vs. SD TV issue for some time now. I really have my TV situation pretty well worked out. I use the cable-ready tuner in my old 27" Sony Wega. I feed the Scientific Atlanta 2000 digital channels through my Sony DVD/VCR (I kinda like Sony) so I can watch them on the TV or record them on the Sage TV system. The Sage system can even change channels on the SA box via a USB-UIRT.

But I still look at HD TVs. Recently, PC Connection had the Astar MP-32HB for $399.99 after rebate with free shipping. I couldn't resist that.

Delivery was QUICK, literally the next day not counting the weekend. I'm not a big HD expert, but the picture looks good to me. I feed it via HDMI from Comcast Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR. My plan was to replace my old 27" tube with it. It all worked but the vertical dimension is about 1" LESS than the 27". And from across the living room, the HD detail doesn't knock your socks off. In the end, I'm moving it to my bedroom and waiting until I can save up more for a bigger HD.

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