Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's Google Up To?

I'm obviously a big Sitemeter fan. When I was looking at my report the other day, I noticed something odd. There were several entries from an ISP called Google! Look at this list.

Date/Time Entry Page Comments
10/05/08 5:21:20 pm testblog/2007_12_01_archive.html XP IE6
10/12/08 5:44:41 pm testblog/ XP IE6
10/12/08 10:00:55 pm 2008/09/thank-you-google-i-think.html From Google in NY OS X Firefox
10/12/08 10:52:20 pm testblog/2007/12/test-2.html XP IE6
10/13/08 2:35:03 am testblog/2007/12/test.html XP IE6
10/18/08 1:41:10 am testblog/2007/12/test-2.html XP IE6
10/18/08 4:48:18 am testblog/ XP IE6
10/18/08 11:21:47 am testblog/2007/12/test.html XP IE6
10/19/08 7:47:43 pm 2008/10/thinkpad-xp-sp3-wi-fi.html XP IE6
10/20/08 5:53:27 am 2007_12_01_archive.html XP IE6
10/23/08 2:51:24 pm 2008/10/thinkpad-xp-sp3-wi-fi.html XP IE6
10/26/08 3:12:51 pm 2008/02/gps-and-google-maps.html WinNT IE7
"can i imports maps to mio c320"
11/09/08 6:43:04 pm Javascript disabled Win2000 IE6

What on earth is going on with Google?

Why do they keep visiting my test blog? And those entries aren't even active. They're test entries when I was experimenting with using Blogspot's ftp method of publishing.

Someone from Google's New York office even visited.

I think it's interesting to notice that most visits were from Windows XP, IE6, and 1024x768 display. Probably the same PC.

Every now and then, you'll see an outlier, like the WinNT IE7 visit on 10/26/08. It looks like that visit was personal as it was the result of a Google search for "can i imports maps to mio c320." And the security conscious visitor on 11/09/09 who had his Javascript disabled.

Google, what are you up to?

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