Monday, March 09, 2009

Blogger and AT&T Curve

Recently I saw that I had a visitor to this blog who had Googled for "how to link my blog to att curve." I wish I could get back in touch with them. I know exactly what they were having problems with.

I have a blog that I use to post photos taken from my smartphones. I started it with my Treo 650, used it a little from my Motorola Q9h, and now post to it from my AT&T Blackberry Curve 8310.

But when I post using the Blackberry e-mail application, I get a reply back from

Your carrier is not supported by Blogger Mobile.
When you go to Blogger Help, this page tries to get you started. But here's the key paragraph:

We support most popular mobile carriers in the US and worldwide. If Blogger Mobile is unavailable from your provider, you can still send posts to your blog using Mail-to-Blogger.
If you go into the Dashboard of your Blogger account, down at the very bottom (pay no attention to the Blogger help that says it's in the sidebar) is a list of mobile devices or e-mail addresses and which blogs they will post to.

There's the rub. That doesn't seem to work from the Curve like it did from the Treo. I presume that it has to do with using Blackberry e-mail on the Curve.

But that can be easily fixed.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the Settings tab then the Email tab. On this page there is an input field labeled "Email Posting Address." In this field, put a code word that will specify an e-mail address in the format

Then mail away to By default, those e-mails will automatically be posted to your blog.

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