Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I saw a link on a Wave blip that referred to elog.com.

I think they explain it better than I can.
elog.com is a public service that enables anybody to create and update their own web page just by sending an email with the content for the web page.
You do not have to formally register with elog.com, no password is necessary, there is no minimum age requirement, and you can create as many web pages as you want.

elog.com is ideal for quick updates to simple web pages. However, email applications have become very powerful - words can be bolded and colored; links, pictures, and videos can be included, etc. In other words, the email application that you use everyday is probably capable of building a very nice web page.

To create your own web page, just send an email to newpage@elog.com. Your email can have pretty much anything you want in it and your new web page will look just like the email you send. You will be issued a public web page, e.g. 1993.elog.com, that others can view immediately. To update your web page with new content, just send an email to it, e.g. 1993@elog.com.

elog.com is registered with Google and Yahoo, enabling them to regularly crawl and index any web page at elog.com (such as your web pages).
Pretty cool.

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