Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Browser Share IV

Time to look at browser share again. It's been almost a year and a half since I examined this previously.

Ben's Blog

Where I've Ben

Safari 36.4%
Firefox 23.5%
Chrome 21.8%

Safari 44.0%
Chrome 21.4%
Firefox 9.5%

Safari 30.3%
IE 8 17.2%
IE 9 12.1%
Firefox 12.1%
IE 7 5.1%

Click on the charts to make them bigger and see the raw data.

I got this data from Site Meter. Here are the statistics for Ben's Blog, Where I've Ben, and Please weigh in on my assumptions and interpretations.

The page views on are so low (less than 1 per day) that I'd discard it statistically . I show it only that Internet Explorer shows up overwhelmingly here. My reading of that is that gets hit by more enterprise users than the other two.

Back to Ben's Blog and Where I've Ben. I think that the browser war is over. And the winner is not Internet Explorer. Not Firefox. Not Chrome. But Safari! Safari has a dominant share on both blogs.

Then the question came to mind, are these Mac users or iOS users? That's hard to tell from this chart but let's look at page views by operating system.

Ben's Blog

Where I've Ben

Win NT 29.8%
Unknown 29.5%
Win XP 13.7%
Mac OS X 12.8%

Unknown 44.4%
Mac OS X 19.8%
Win NT 12.3%
Win XP 11.1%
Linux UNIX 11.1%

Win NT 41.7%
Unknown 22.6%
Win XP 16.7%
Mac OS X 11.9%

Again, click on the charts to make them bigger and see the raw data.

Let's just concentrate on Ben's Blog and use the raw numbers.

Safari was 36.4% of the page views. Unfortunately iOS is not separated out in the Operating System numbers. And to confuse things, Android's browser calls itself "Safari."

Here's the signature from my iPad:

I know the Operating System says "Macintosh MacOSX" but I believe iOS is lumped into "Unknown."

Here's what a "real" Macintosh looks like. Notice the screen size.

And from my NOOK Color:

That really puts a kink in the numbers. But assuming that the usage of "Safari" is all on either Mac OS X, iOS, or Android we can back into it. Mac OS X was 12.8% of the page views. Linux UNIX was 8.0%. This leaves 23.6% of the page views from mobile devices with iOS leading with 15.6%. Mobile beats Firefox at 23.5% and we know that Firefox is floundering.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

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