Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skyrocket Apps

Speaking of apps on my Skyrocket, here's what I'm using now.

Vibration Notifierj4velin
Gas BuddyMiles, Just stations with current prices, App Start Up = Stations Near Me, Show All Stations = off
Barcode ScannerZXing Team
GPS TestChartcross Limited
GPS LoggerMendhak - Log to KML, New file creation = Every time I start, Time before logging = 30
Klondike SolitaireSoftick - Disable scoring, Timed Game = off, Sound = off, Table Background = Solid, Left-handed
Angry BirdsRovio - Mute and Settings/Applications move to phone
Epistlemvilla - Sync folder location: Text, Automatic sync: check all
Tasks FreeTeam Tasks
Dialer2dnaq productions
Google Voice
Google Drive
Google Maps
Google Reader

Speaking of apps, there's a nice new feature of ICS that I've been using.

I never rooted my Captivate so I couldn't get rid of all the carrier loaded apps. They kept getting updated in the Google Play Store so I kept getting notifications that I had updates to apply. It finally got to where there were 11 apps offered to update that I didn't want to update.

With Ice Cream Sandwich there's a Disable choice in Settings / Applications / All that will let you Disable an app. That doesn't uninstall it but does stop the nagging by the Google Play Store. This setting doesn't seem to "stick" on Google apps. They keep coming back.

If you want to restore one of these apps, they're just at the bottom of the Applications list.

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