Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pavtube HD Video Converter

I've done a lot with video over the years - DVDs for Seniors, FairUse Wizard, Handbrake, TiVo Desktop, etc.

My video toolkit is capable but cluttered. I use SageTV, DVDShrink, DVD Decrypter, Ulead DVD Movie Factory, Handbrake, Windows DVD Maker, etc.

I've created Youtube videos, DVDs, H.264 videos for iPhones and Androids but what I hadn't done was to take AVCHD (H.264) videos from cameras and burn to a DVD.

That wasn't easy. I even tried the Panasonic PHOTOfunSTUDIO that came with the camera.

I finally gave up and posted on I got a prompt and well thought out response that pointed me to AVStoDVD. AVStoDVD even has a portable version. I tried that but the portable version required a separate install of Avisynth.

One of my favorite software packages VideoReDo Plus has an upgrade that will do my specific task.

But then I came across the Pavtube set of products. They are a little narrowly focused but HD Video Converter said it would take almost anything as input and render almost anything as output.

And it does!

Further it reminds me of Handbrake in that it has a huge selection of predefined output profiles and you can tweak them and save as custom profiles.

Here's how it shows the characteristics of the input files:

Here's the selection of the output profiles:

And then how you can tweak them:

The Pavtube products are reasonably priced. They even offer some bundles but if you Google around you can find coupon codes that provide even further discounts.

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