Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google Docs Gadget

I'm a big user of Google Docs Drive. And a Google Apps customer. I've been using the Google Labs Google Docs Gadget in my e-mail instance for years.

The Google Docs Gadget is recognized across the web as a valuable Lab tool. For example, this article includes it in its list of "Recommended Gmail & Calendar Labs."

As described in this document the Labs gadget:
Adds a box in the left column which displays your Google Docs. Shows recent docs, starred docs, and has fast search.
Really nice functions. Saves you from having to open a new Drive window just to open, create, or search for a document.

Every now and then something went "bump" in the background and it wouldn't work for a while. Then without a word it'd start back working.

It was useful enough to put up with this level of support.


This spring the search function began getting errors. I looked at it and the problem was just that the syntax for the URL for Google Drive's search had changed. Looked like a trivial change so I thought I'd just wait and it'd be fixed when they got around to it.

Then last week the gadget disappeared from my e-mail. And from the Google Labs page. It looks like some of Google's "Spring Cleaning" had killed the Lab gadget.

A quick search of the Google Forums showed that I was not alone. One of the posts even had a quick work-around including how to implement it.

I copied his XML and made minor changes. Then I uploaded it to my web site and added it as a gadget via URL.

Here's what my version looks like:

Here's the xml:

Works perfectly, for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Any interest in sharing the XML for your version of the fix?


dimz said...

Thanks for providing such a great article, it was excellent and very informative.
as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.
thank you :)

Unknown said...

Can we add your gadget by URL? if so, what is the URL address we need to copy/paste?

Ben Moore said...

Sorry but you'll need to host this on a site that you manage.