Sunday, September 01, 2013

2013 Pathfinder Setup

Remember my recent post about my Honda Accord's iMID system? Now my wife has gotten a new car, a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. It has an in-dash screen but it is not as comprehensive as the Accord's. Subsequently some of the setup is a bit more obtuse.

Procedure for storing the outside mirror positions for best visibility when backing up

An outside mirror position for backing up can be stored for each memory switch (1 and 2):
  1. Set the parking brake.
  2. Place the ignition in the ON position. (Do not start the engine.)
  3. Push the memory switch 1 or 2 fully for at least one second to operate the automatic drive positioner.
  4. Turn the outside mirror control switch to L (Left).
  5. Depress the brake pedal.
  6. Move the shift selector to R (Reverse).
  7. Adjust the mirror to the desired viewing position for backing up by operating the outside mirror control switch.
  8. Push the SET switch and, within five seconds, push the memory switch 1 or 2 selected in step 3.
    • The indicator light for the pushed memory switch will come on and stay on for approximately five seconds after pushing the switch. After the indicator light goes off, the selected mirror position is stored in the selected memory (1 or 2).
  9. Turn the outside mirror control switch to R (Right). Repeat the above procedure to adjust the right mirror position and store in the selected memory.
    • When the driver’s seat and outside mirrors are not in the memorized position, the outside mirror will move with the initial tilt-down angle.
I love the "repeat" in step 9.

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