Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adblock Plus

If you're not using Adblock Plus, you should be.

Here's what a Google search looks like without Adblock Plus:

And the same search with Adblock Plus:

Now that you are using Adblock Plus, go here and add "Disable Tracking" and "Disable Malware Domains" features.

I also include "EasyList" from here and "Block all Facebook annoyances" from here.

Also on the Adblock options page uncheck "Allow some non-intrusive advertising."

My Adblock options page looks like this:


Adblock Filters - 07/23/15
  • Easylist
  • facebook annoyances blocker
  • Disable Malware
  • EasyPrivacy
  • Adblock Warning Removal List
  • Message "seen" Remover for Facebook

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