Sunday, April 13, 2014


I can't believe it. I have never posted about my TiVos. It's a long story. Too long to go into here. Just suffice it to borrow a quote from The Verge:
There is nothing more instantly dangerous to the average relationship than screwing up the TV.

Recently I was playing a YouTube video on my TV using my Chromecast. But when I clicked on the "Cast" button on the YouTube player here's what I got:

"Play on TiVo in the Den"? And it did.

Ok, what's going on here?

It turns out that the "Winter" update to my TiVo Premiere introduced DIAL (DIscovery And Launch) support. There's a little more documentation here. Pretty low key of TiVo if you ask me.

This means that DIAL-enabled applications can "cast" directly to the TiVo. At this time this seems to be YouTube and Netflix. Still a good start. Means I don't have to switch inputs on my TV to watch YouTube videos.

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