Sunday, June 08, 2014

Internet Bandwidth

Ok, so I'm OCD. But still some of the details I keep up with are interesting (to me at least).

I've been tracking my Internet bandwidth since mid-2011.

The stacked bars are Comcast cable bandwidth. The yellow line is AT&T wireless bandwidth (scale is on right axis). The units are KB so 100,000 represents 100GB. The blue is the difference in what Comcast reports versus what my router reports.

I switched from AT&T DSL to Comcast in July 2013.

I started using CrashPlan for backups in January 2014.

I pretty much don't stream video other than an occasional YouTube. No Netflix or Hulu.

I attribute the change in May 2014 to uploading and downloading home videos. That's probably worth a post in itself. Stay tuned.

The jump in wireless bandwidth in March and April is tethering while I was traveling.

  1. As expected my bandwidth usage (and yours) continues to climb at over 40% per year.
  2. Comcast does a pretty good job of measuring it.
  3. I can already see Comcast's bandwidth cap of 300GB looming in my future.
  4. I love my AT&T MobilShare Value 10GB plan with tethering.

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