Sunday, January 04, 2015

Your Father's Phone Service

Remember in my journey to VoIP I encounted OBiVoice (now Vestalink). I signed up for their service when Obihai and Google had their little spat. For the price it worked really well.

After Obihai and Google kissed and made up, I revisited Vestalink as I was reconfiguring my OBi100 back to Google Voice.

When I hit Vestalink's home page, here's what I got.

What's up with that? And why are they looking at a Blackberry?

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Ryan Tilton said...

Hi Ben:
We are actually doing landing page testing. Since fatherly individuals might be looking for a land-line replacement we were thinking this picture might lead to good conversions. We still do not have enough data to see if this is a good picture or not. But it is good to hear your feedback on it. It would be great if you could start a discussion on the validity of the official obihai support. I think there is some interesting things going on a Google right now with Nova (the new cell phone service). I believe that the "official" support Obihai is claiming is just to sell more units before Google voice is finally merged into hangouts later this year. VoIP is not free like email. Google is taking huge losses to support this network, they have to monetize it eventually. I think Nova is the ultimate result. Great blog by the way!