Sunday, March 06, 2016


I didn't mean to start down this road but it just happened.

We had a 9 year old Astar MP-32HB TV in our bedroom. It was 32" but had the speakers on the sides so it was huge. Just before Black Friday Best Buy had a 40" Insignia NS-40D420NA16 on sale for $180. Why not?

Then the 8 year old 52" Sony KDL52W3000 in the den had a stripe near the left side. Sure it went away in 15 minutes or so but I knew it was going to get bigger and more persistent. Again Best Buy had a 55" Toshiba 55L310U on sale for $350. That was easy.

The TiVo Mini in the bedroom worked so well that I wanted to put one in the kitchen. I had been using a Comcast Digital Transport Adapter (SD only and no premium channels) and they were going up to $4 per month. I found Amazon had TiVo Minis on sale and bought a second one for the kitchen. By the way, the sale price was less than what I had paid for the first one so Amazon gave me a credit for the difference. Nice!

But wait, I don't have Ethernet in the kitchen. I thought about using a Linksys WES610N like I was using in the bedroom but that requires more wires.


Then I noticed that the Minis supported MoCA. And the TiVo Roamio functions as a bridge between Ethernet and MoCA.

I configured the Roamio to support MoCA and put a MoCA Point of Entry Filter in front of the Comcast amplifier/splitter.

It worked so well in the kitchen that I converted the bedroom to MoCA and retired the Linksys WES610N.

Here's my current TV configuration.

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