Sunday, April 17, 2016

Google Street View

Have you been wondering where all the Google Street View car goes? Normally you can only see whether they drove down the street you're interested in by dragging the little man over the street.

But I wanted to see its route through an entire neighborhood or shopping center.

Here's how.

In Google Maps, position the map to where you want to start. Drag the little man onto the map. Notice that the routes the Google Street View car has mapped are highlighted with blue lines. But these lines are not persistent. They're only presented while you are dragging the little man.

Now drop the little man anywhere you want. That takes you into Google Street View.

Here's the fun part.

Now click the "-" in the lower right corner. This takes you out of Google Street View but leaves the routes highlighted in blue.

Some of these routes are interesting. Look at the outlots of Wolfchase Mall.

The Google Street View car drove through ALL the aisles of the Bed Bath & Beyond parking lot. Was he looking for his girlfriend's car or what?

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