Sunday, October 02, 2016

Disconnect Windows 10 From Microsoft Account

Ok, so I've done it TWICE. That is I have twice inadvertently associated my Microsoft ID with my Windows 10 instance. When (not if) you do this, here's how to unassociate your Microsoft ID.

The best instructions I have found are here. I have cleaned up the language a little. This is for Windows 10 1507 so the screens may be slightly different.
  1. Firstly, setup another admin account so that you have a way in if things go wrong.
  2. Next, save all your work because it may lock your mouse/screen and won't let you save your work at the end of this process.
  3. Then, go to your start button
  4. Go up to the top and click on your profile name/account
  5. Then click "change account settings"
  6. In the "your account" tab, just above your account picture there will be an option to select a button saying "log on using local account" or "change log on to local account" (something along these lines)
  7. Click this and it will give you an opportunity to (from now on) log onto your computer using a new password that IS NOT linked to your Hotmail or Microsoft account.
  8. Then when you use the admin as the account name, it will complain that the account is already in use. So use a different name, say tmp.
  9. It will ask you to save your work and logout (but may not give you a chance to save. Proceed to finish the process/logout.
  10. Now login to an admin account (either the new "tmp" account if it was administrator or the other one that you created). 
  11. Go to control panel, user accounts and eventually find the setting to rename an account.
  12. Rename the tmp account (now delinked from online account) back to the name it was.
  13. Logout and back in.
  14. You are set.
Worked for me, twice.

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