Sunday, November 13, 2016

Network Sharing

I always share the data drive of my "server" with the house. My goal is to make it painless, i.e. no passwords.

Every time I rebuild the server (or upgrade Windows, e.g. Anniversary Update) I have to remember what to do.

Here's how I do it.

Sharing a folder in a network
  1. Right-click on the folder/drive that you wish the share and select "Properties".
  2. Select the tab "Sharing" and click on "Advanced Sharing..."
  3. Tick the box "Share this folder" and enter a share name for it.
  4. Click on permissions, mark the group entry "Everyone" and configure the network permissions for this folder in the lower field according to your requirements. If you just want to release your files for copying, allowing "Read" is usually enough.
Setting the right permissions
  1. Right-click on the folder/drive in question and select "Properties" again.
  2. This time, switch to the tab "Security" and click on "Edit...", followed by "Add...".
  3. In this window, enter "Everyone" into the empty field at the bottom and click on "OK".
  4. Take a quick look at the permissions for "Everyone" and make sure they are all set correctly. If everything is in order, close all windows with "OK".
Deactivating password-protected sharing
  1. Open the control panel and go to "Network and Sharing Center".
  2. Click on "Change advanced sharing settings".
  3. Look for "All Networks", expand it (if it isn't already) and scroll down to the option "Password protected sharing".
  4. Check the option "Turn off password protected sharing" and click on "Save changes". Be aware that this will make all shared folders readily accessible for anyone inside your home network.
Source: PC Advisor

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