Sunday, May 03, 2020

Don't Read Forbes

At least not for your Windows news!

There seems to be a sector of the news media coming up with bad news about Windows Updates. See my earlier article on Windows 10 Updates.

My Google News feed came up with the following article:
Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Windows 10 (
Note that while it was updated on 04/26/20, it was originally published on 04/23/20.

It rambles around talking about a Chromium sandbox feature that even Firefox uses.

Then it buries the lead with:
The good news is [Google's Project Zero] alerted Microsoft to the problem and the company issued a patch (CVE-2020-0981) to fix it. 
It fails to note that the patches ( were issued 9 days before the article was written!

Get your Windows news elsewhere.

Addendum: Don't read either. They posted a similar article on May 3, 2020 with the headline "Windows 10 users face nightmare choice between losing their files or breaking Google Chrome".

Perhaps fortunately this story will no longer load. You can see it at the Way Back Machine or

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