Sunday, November 08, 2020

Chillin' With an iPhone - Part 5

I'm really a reluctant iPhone user. But there are so many things I like about the iPhone, particularly the hardware.

Anyway, one of the challenges I have between any smartphone and my Windows laptop is how to move small content back and forth.

For example, it is so much easier to compose text messages on my laptop keyboard than on a touch keyboard. And to take an image from either side to the other is especially difficult with iOS.

What I've found is that one of my favorite cross-platform productivity tools is perfect for this - Google Keep.

Keep is a very flexible container for content and works equally well on Windows, Android, and iOS.

It even allows multiple users to share content. My wife and I share a grocery shopping list.

Just today I wanted to send a photo from Facebook (which I use via Chrome on Windows) to a person using text messaging.

Think about how convoluted that would be normally. It's too long to even explain here.

With Keep, I right clicked on the photo in Facebook and chose "Copy image". Then switched over to Keep, I clicked on "Take a note..." and pasted the photo. Now over to my iPhone and opened Keep. There was the photo. I tapped on it and selected the "share" icon, chose my iMessage recipient and it was done.

And it works just as well in the other direction. Keep even presents as an iOS "share" recipient.

Unlike some of the Google products, Keep seems to update instantly on iOS.

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