Sunday, January 07, 2024


You'll recall my experiences recently with ValiDrive and the FAKE 512GB USB drive with USB A, USB C, and Lightning connectors. It only had capacity of 64GB.

Somewhat later, I was out of town and had an urgent need for a USB drive. In my traveling toolkit, I had a PHICOOL USB drive with an alleged 128GB and USB A, USB C, and Lightning connectors.

Now my SOP is to run ValiDrive on new USB drives. Again, this drive was FAKE only having 32GB of capacity and was ridiculously slow.

As I studied the PHICOOL drive I realized that I could open it. Here is what was inside.

But look at this!

A 32GB microSD card!

Run ValiDrive on EVERY USB drive that you buy, even on memory cards.

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