Sunday, February 04, 2024

macOS for Windows Users

This has been a journey but one I needed to have made.

This post is going to be my (and hopefully your) cheatsheet for macOS.


  • Command-Q to quit - like the red X in the upper-right corner
  • Function-Delete to forward delete - backspace key
  • Command-Tab to switch apps - like Windows Key + Tab
  • Command-Option-Esc to Force Quit - Control-Alt-Delete
  • Option-click on the Notification Center icon at top right of the menu bar to toggle Do Not Disturb
  • Option-click menu bar icons - access different or expanded menus
  • Option-click the Apple button - lets you restart or shut down your Mac and view system information
  • Command-spacebar for Spotlight search - like Windows Key
  • Use the trackpad as right mouse button - press with 2 fingers to get the right mouse button
  • Use the shortcuts you're used to - use  instead of Ctrl


Helpful Applications:

Strongbox - for KeePass

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