Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I know I'm supposed to be using Firefox but...

...I keep running into little things. Individually, they aren't a big deal but in aggregation (aggravation?), they really are a pain. I wrote about this previously here.

I've been trying to plan a trip for this summer. So I go to travelocity.com. I put in my city pair, select "Flexible Dates," select the months I want to travel, and click on "Search Flights." Then I get this dialog box that says "Please check trip dates for the proper date format." Gimme a break! The dates are in drop-down lists.

The same steps in IE work fine.

Then I went to look at the post I made to my blog this morning. Firefox rendered it with different spacing around the title and the long hyperlink was overlaying the CSS column to the right.

Needless to say, IE rendered it as expected.

Now, I'm getting where I like Firefox. I'm almost used to the tabs. I keep wanting to do ALT+TAB rather than CTRL+TAB to move between windows. Even when I do remember, toggling CTRL+TAB won't flip back and forth between 2 tabs like toggling ALT+TAB will between 2 windows. And I lose screen space for the tabs. I know I can turn them off but everybody else raves about tabs. Must be just me.

Firefox has some really nice extensions. The one I use most often is Adblock. I wish I had something like that for IE. Oh, almost forgot. Firefox seems to be a memory hog. I've seen it take well over 50 MB of RAM. Here's what it looks like right now.

I'm hanging in there but it's not getting easier.

PS. Maybe somebody out there is smarter than me (for sure!). How can I make that AcroRd32.exe go away when I am no longer using it in a browser? I'd really like to have that 16 MB of RAM back.

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Drew Snyder said...

Firefox has been presenting me with major compatibility issues in recent site redesigns I've done. While that's partly my fault for being inexperienced with source code, I wish Firefox wasn't so unpredictable in this aspect.

I moved to Firefox last fall, but I'm slowly moving back to Internet Explorer.