Saturday, June 25, 2005

AIM Mail

Just what you need, another e-mail address. Yeah, but the price is right, free. And like gmail, it's 2 gigabytes.

What I'm talking about is AIM Mail. Just go to and sign in with your AIM screen name and password. Then they'll walk you through setting up an e-mail account at

Unlike gmail, AIM Mail isn't pure POP but a combination of IMAP and POP. Here's what their help page says:

  • Incoming IMAP email server address:
  • IMAP port number: 143
  • Outgoing SMTP email server address: (requires authentication)
  • SMTP port number: 587
    Alternate SMTP port number: 25

There's a "how to" here.

I haven't tried the IMAP/POP.

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