Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogger Images

Almost a year ago, I wrote about Hello and how it could be used to upload pictures to Blogger. This technique let you host pictures at I've been using this very successfully ever since.

Today, while reading digg, I came across an article that pointed out that the Blogger post editor has a new feature. Up on the editor toolbar is a new icon that I had missed. It looks like a little picture.

When you click on it, you get a window that lets you upload pictures directly into your blog or point to an image somewhere else on the web (like above image).

Here's the screen shot of the upload window (uploaded from my desktop).

I've left the above images and the html pretty much vanilla as created by this Blogger process. It is a little pecuilar. Note that the first picture is actually scaled UP to the size I specified (seems that "Medium" is 320 pixels wide). If you click on the image, you get the true size which is smaller than 320 pixels. On the other hand, the second picture was bigger than 320 pixels. Blogger shrunk it to 320 but didn't store the large version.

Blogger's help says you're limited to 320 MB. Wonder how you manage that?

I think I'll stick to Hello for a while.

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