Friday, September 23, 2005

Google Search Techniques

I try not to simply link to somebody else's content. I may get an idea from someone else but I try to add some value or personal spin on it.

I'm going to break my own rule. Here's an article on Google My Way that is chocked full of techniques to improve your Google searches.

Well, maybe I can add something, at least by tying some loose ends together. This article was on digg. One of the comments was:
Better Google tip: * stands for an unknown word or series of words. And it even works inside quotes. So if you remember that one song where the lyrics go "your [something] is a heartbreaker", then you can search for "your * is a heartbreaker" and Google will find it for you. Or, if you want to know the melting point of steel, the search "* is the melting point of steel" gets you the answer faster than the search "melting point of steel".
That's pretty cool.

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