Sunday, September 11, 2005

VideoReDo Plus

I've written about VideoReDo before. I went ahead and bought it for $50. That was well worth it. When I went to use it a couple of weeks ago, it popped up that there was an update available. I accepted it and downloaded V2.1. It is now called VideoRedo Plus.

Here's the list of new features:

  • AdDetective assisted commercial detection
  • Real-time preview of your edits
  • Thumbnail views
  • Audio graphic display
  • Create DVD Chapter Files
  • Supports Output of transport streams

What AdDetective does is that it scans for black screens and marks them with "cut points." You can specify how "black" it has to be. When the AdDetective scan finishes, I use the function keys to jump from cut point to cut point and mark the segments to delete. The new thumbnail feature lets you get a quick look at what you're doing.

You can't just assume that the cut points are definitive. I've found where there are black screens within programs that will confuse it and when there are crawling messages across the bottom of the screen (like for bad weather) will also confuse it but it's so much better than doing this by hand.

The preview function lets you scan through the cuts to make sure that you cut/left what you intended.

These features make VideoRedo Plus even a better deal!

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