Sunday, October 23, 2005

HP Tech Forum

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been in Orlando at the HP Technology Forum. It was supposed to have been in New Orleans in early September but...

I'll put together some of my notes later this week but for now here're the sessions I attended:
  • Case Studies: Server Virtualization and Consolidation Strategies
  • Security Intelligence and the Business Process
  • A Simple Approach to Managing the Linux Environment
  • Implementing a High Availability Enterprise Resource Planning Solution with Microsoft Clustering
  • Getting More From Less: How to Optimize Your Existing Server Operations
  • Choosing the Right Architecture to Win
  • Service Infrastructure: A Practical Approach to Service-oriented Architecture for an Enterprise
  • Thin Clients: Technical Overview
  • Understanding Current PC Technologies
  • A Real-world Demonstration of Service-oriented Architecture Management
  • Dual-core Architectures
  • Best Practices for Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with IT Consolidation
  • New Security Technology: Active Countermeasures: A Proactive Vaccine
  • Linux in the Enterprise IT Strategy: Where, When, and How
  • The Benefits of Itanium and Windows
  • Evaluating Anti-spam Filtering Solutions
  • WLAN Security: Threats and Countermeasures
A quick recap is that the industry giants are worried about viruses and worms. Also, Intel is in trouble in the under 8-way market. AMD is kicking their butt with Opterons. I got interesting insights into HP's chipset advantages over Intel and Sun.

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