Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Remember how I raved about MyWebExPC?

The best part was that you get unlimited access for up to 5 PCs. Here's what you get for free.

I even got quoted by a US News & World Report article by David Lagesse.

Ben Moore used to haul 30 miles from his home in Southaven, Miss., to help maintain his parents' PC. Now he does it through mywebexpc and sometimes, with their blessing, doesn't bother to tell them. "I just wait until after 9 at night, when they go to bed." So they all can sleep easy.

Just try clicking on that free link now! Here's what you'll get:
What's happened is that WebEx pushed out a mandatory update this weekend that upgraded MyWebExPC to PCNow. PCNow is a for pay service that is $14.95 per month per PC.

Obviously, I'm not the only one who's run into this. Search technorati.com for mywebexpc. I love the first title of the first hit I got: "MyWebExPC My arse." I don't think he was happy either.

The suddenness of this is demonstrated by this article posted in the UK edition of PC Magazine.

Price: £0.00 (emphasis added)
Overall rating: **** (4 out of 5)
Manufacturer: WebExCommunication
Tim Smith, Computeract!ve 19 Sep 2005
Now it's off to find an alternative. Don't change that channel.


Anonymous said...

The alternative (with over 1 million users) is logmein.com. I always liked it better than mywebexpc and it has always been free.

Anonymous said...

you can set up a program like RealVNC for free over IP it allows you full control over a client pc, I use it while I'm at MSU to control my computer in Tupelo!