Monday, October 08, 2007

ThinkVantage Active Protection System

I just built a new (to me) ThinkPad T42. I installed all the IBM Lenovo software.

Included in this is the ThinkVantage Active Protection System. I kinda knew what this was so I downloaded and installed the software.

Active Protection System uses a motion sensor on the motherboard and parks the hard drive's heads when it detects certain levels of motion.

Tonight when I went to Control Panel to update Java, I saw the ThinkVantage Active Protection System icon. With nothing else to do while Java updated, I fired this up. Here's what it looked like.

But it's realtime! As the laptop rested on my lap, it moved ever so slightly as I typed. The image of the laptop in the moved with it! Too cool.

You know what I had to do next. Yep, shake it!

IBM's description is here and there's a good independent article on it here.

Pretty nice stuff. Try that on your Dell.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't try it on my dell, but there are some gimmicky apps on OSX that I installed on my Macbook Pro:

1.) MacSaber - turns my multi-thousand dollar laptop into a swinging harbinger of furious doom, or at least an arguable insurance claim.

2.) iAlertU - a kind of Car Alarm for the laptop. It uses the Apple IR remote to activate/deactivate. This one is actually cool and works well.

3.) SmackBook Pro - hitting your laptop to change virtual desktops? Not for me. See concern about insurance claim for #1.

4.) Carpenter Level. Speaks for itself.

There are some games as well, but I can't recall any of them right now.