Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Wish List 2007

Sunpak - PlatinumPlus Tripod

My old tripod has given up the ghost.

This is on sale at BestBuy for $9.99 with free shipping through 11/24.

Mini Extension Cords

These are hard to explain. When you plug in a little power supply (like for a camera) into a power strip, it is fat and tends to block additional plugs limiting how many gadgets you can plug into a power strip. These little short extension cords let you get more gadgets plugged into the same power strip.

I found them at RadioShack for $9.99. I would expect them to be available in the store also.

There could be more people in our family that could use these.

6' Fiberglass Stepladder, Type II

This is available at Lowe's for $49.00.

Philips DVP5982 DVD Player

This DVD player will upscale to HD (when we get an HD TV) and play from a USB flash drive.

This is on sale through Phillips Outlet for $39.99 with free shipping.

Power Cradle with built-in speaker for Mio C320

This is a bracket for my new GPS.

This is on sale at Semsons for $28.99.

Cork Pops I Wine Opener

This is an easy wine opener.

This is available at Homebrewers for $17.95 plus $7.99 shipping.

Update 12/25/07: Thanks Santa!

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