Sunday, November 25, 2007


I had to fax something this week. It was 2 printed pages and I wanted to add a cover page. I don't have a multi-function device so I use my scanner and printer.

For single pages, Photocopier from Nico Cuppen is simple and fool proof. But it will only do single pages and you have to change your default printer to your fax beforehand and remember to change it back.

I found SimpleCopier from Neogie Software. It is a comprehensive solution including OCR and PDF creation. The current release is 6.05. It is shareware and costs 29.90€.

But all I wanted to do is scan a couple of pages to fax. I have SimpleCopier 2.20 and that's pretty much all it does.

There is no help file for Release 2.20 so I'll put a couple of screen shots here with my understanding of what they mean and do.

Here's the first screen. "Photocopy" seems to be a one page to the printer much like Photocopier. "Scan" will scan and put the image in a queue.

Here's what the result of "Scan" looks like. Notice the button at the bottom to "Add to queue." That is where you can collect images to fax multiple pages.

Here's what the queue display looks like.

When you're done, click on the cryptic "Print -> n*1" (printer) or "Print -> n*2" (fax). "Send by Email" gives me an odd error that there's not enough disk space available.

Here's the "Advanced" tab where you set most of the options including what "Print -> n*1" means!

I couldn't find a copy of SimpleCopier Release 2.20 on the web so I have uploaded simplecopier_setup.exe to If you're nervous about downloading from there, add a comment and ask me to e-mail you a copy.

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