Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sitemeter, Again

I've written about Sitemeter a couple of times, here and here.

I'm still finding nice things in the "Plus" service. Look at the pathing that they report on this one visit:

Isn't that amazing?

The detail page is here.

The visitor had googled "wiring diagram for hd dvr." He entered on "TV Wiring Diagram, Post HD."

I'm not going to relive the whole visit for you. You can read it for yourself but look at the detail Sitemeter Plus gives you. He came in on one page. Read it for 11 seconds. Clicked on another link. Read it for 40 seconds. Looked at a picture. Back to the second page. Back to the first page. Another picture. Then outta there!

Whew! Makes me dizzy.

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