Saturday, February 14, 2009

And The Answer Is...

...Blackberry Curve 8310.

I gave in. It really shows how far the Blackberry has progressed to being a true smartphone since my 7290.

One of my overriding criteria is portability of data between the smartphone and PCs. The SanDisk Plus USB/SD card and Documents to Go solved that for the Treo 650.

The Motorola Q9h had Documents to Go as well but the media was a micro-SD card. Without carrying the micro-SD to regular SD adapter and a SD to USB adapter with you at all times you were fairly limited in connectivity. And the cable connectivity was a micro-USB. Whens the last time you've run across a micro-USB cable? Did you trip over a mini-USB cable (like the Curve uses) between your desk and the parking lot?

Both the Motorola Q9h and the Curve have good Bluetooth capabilities and I used them extensively on the Q to transfer files (remember the micro-USB). With the Curve I've mostly been using the mini-USB cable.

The Q used the same micro-USB cable for the external speaker connection. I use this extensively as I listen to podcasts to and from work. Whens the last time you've run across a micro-USB cable? (Is there an echo in here?) Needless to say, the Curve uses a standard 3.5mm connector. The Treo used a 2.5mm connector like a cell phone headset. I had to use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with it.

I immediately upgraded the Curve from OS 4.3 to OS 4.5. That gives you better applications, e.g. Voice Memo, Media Player, Camera (now supports video and geotagging), etc.

I've only added a few applications to the Curve. I added BB Notepad to read and create .txt files. I also added BuzzMe to make it ring and vibrate at the same time. Without this if you have it set to Vibrate+Tone, it will vibrate first then ring. Odd. I also loaded the obligatory Google Maps. Did I mention that these are all free?

All of these loaded over the air (OTA). I haven't really missed the 3G network of the Q.

I'll post more on the Curve later.

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