Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yum! Frozen Yogurt

Samsung and AT&T finally got their Android 2.2 (FroYo) update pushed out to Captivates. I lurked in the forums for a couple of days and then went for it this morning.

All is well.

It took about an hour end to end using the instructions from Samsung. The only unclear points are a couple of times when it says things like Step 3.2 "It will do this for several devices and may take a few moments." Wonder how long a "few moments" is? And in Step 3.3 "Once the computer has finished..." I just waited 2 minutes after the last message and went on to the next step.

When the upgrade was done on the phone it buzzed for several minutes and then rebooted. It seemed like it took an extra long time to boot up but all was fine. It went through a new phone type setup. I had to redo my home screens but I had documented this beforehand so that was easy. All my local documents and pictures were fine.

I went to the market and got the new Gmail app. This allows me to send from alternate e-mail addresses. I also had to reset my settings in Gmail, things like how many days to sync which labels.

Pressing and holding the Home key brings up recent tasks like Android 2.1 did but also has a button for a Task Manager.

I've played with the GPS a little inside and haven't seen a miraculous improvement.

Google Docs are editable with Android 2.2 but I've discovered that the documents have to be in the newer format. I'm still using some documents in the old format. You can edit them using Quickoffice that came with AT&T's OTA update last year.

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