Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I Keep Current on Technology

In a recent discussion with a Fortune 10 organization I was asked how I keep current on technology. The answer was quick - "I don't listen to the radio in the car."

Very briefly here are the mechanics. I use a BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway that presents an A2DP connection to one of several Android devices, Captivate or NOOKcolor running Car Cast app.

What I listen to:

All About Android

All about Microsoft

Commonwealth Club Radio Program

Daily Internet Storm Center Threat Update

IT Conversations


NPR: Technology Podcast

Radio Leo

Security Now!

Speaking in Tech

Tech News Today

Technometria with Phil Windley

I try to aggregate these on my Podcasts I've Listened To blog.

And I read a few RSS feeds:

A Software Insiders Point of View

Between the Lines

Chaos Manor Reviews

Computer Technology


Digg / Technology

Google Voice

Googling Google

(IN)SECURE Magazine

John C. Dvorak

Krebs on Security


Microsoft Security Bulletins

RISKS Digest


The Raw Feed

The Register

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