Sunday, June 17, 2012


I'm conflicted on Apple products. My wife loves her iPhone. My iPad is worlds better than my hacked Android Nook Color. But I recognize the Apple Tax. And the Reality Distortion Field is unbelievable.

The recent announcements are a case in point. While I'm not in the market for an Apple laptop I still follow the products. I was reading PCMag's review of the new MacBook Pro. Right at the top of the page were the Pros and Cons.

Doesn't that distortion hurt?

I couldn't believe that using Ethernet on a modern laptop requires a DONGLE. Please Apple, don't call it an ADAPTER. It's a DONGLE.

I went off to find what this gadget looks like. Amazon has them for pre-order.

I thought that looked familiar so I Googled some. Yep. I thought I'd seen that before.

Why couldn't Apple have used the elegance of XJACK?

They could have called it an iJACK and have said that "When not in use, the iJACK magically retracts into the MacBook for storage."

There's an alternative review on Wired.

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