Sunday, January 26, 2014

Google Plus Photos AND Videos

I've had a couple of prior posts on Google Plus Photos here and here. Overall not much has changed since my last post but I've made more progress in how to use Google Plus Photos.

When I'm taking photos I tend to take both stills and videos. As I noted in this post videos up to 15 minutes don't count against your Google space quota (nominally 15GB).

But Google Plus Photos doesn't have the editor functions of YouTube which are pretty nice. Without that all you can do is put the unedited videos into Google Plus Photos.

So my idea was to use YouTube to edit the video and then download it and upload it to Google Plus Photos. But YouTube doesn't have a download function.

I have played with web sites such as but they required Java in the browser which I avoid.

Recently I came across ClipConverter. This is entirely web-based and fast.

After you've used the YouTube editor publish the video and then go to ClipConverter.

Enter the URL of the YouTube video and chose what output format you want.

Click on "Continue" and select what resolution you want. Why not HD? You can specify the output file name here and change the output format. You can even specify the timecode of the start and finish. Then click on "Start."

Quickly you'll get a screen with a "Download" link. Download it to your PC.

Then upload it as normal to Google Plus Photos.

Even better, in the Google Plus Photos album view you see an animated gif of snapshots from the video rather than just a still frame like YouTube.

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