Sunday, March 08, 2015

Internet Bandwidth - February 2015

This is an update of my Internet Bandwidth post of June 2014.

The stacked bars are Comcast cable bandwidth. The yellow line is AT&T wireless bandwidth (scale is on right axis). The units are KB so 100,000 represents 100GB. The blue is the difference in what Comcast reports versus what my router reports.

I upgraded my AT&T plan to Mobil Share Value with 10GB in January 2014. AT&T upgraded my Mobil Share Value from 10GB to 15GB for the same price in November 2014. 

I started using CrashPlan Central for backups in December 2014. With CrashPlan Central uploads I've bumped into Comcast's bandwidth cap of 300GB. CrashPlan has good controls to manage its bandwidth usage and the initial upload is complete.

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