Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oracle and Secure Hardware

An article about Oracle being hacked popped up in my news feed recently.
Interns Hacked Oracle Software in under an Hour, Researcher Says 
Among the many ways in making its software more secure, Oracle, he (founder Larry Ellison) said, is looking at implementing security technology built right into the hardware or the chip. He says that the security feature will be switched on, by default and will have no way of turning it off once it is being used.
I'm not trying to be "Chicken Little" but we have to acknowledge that hackers will continue to dive deeper and deeper into our systems. Thinking that you can build secure technology into hardware or chips is shortsighted.

If you want to put your propeller hat on, here's why it will be hacked.

You'd think Ellison would realize that given his company's history with Java.


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