Sunday, February 11, 2018

Edge Is Good For Something

I finally found something that Microsoft's Edge browser is good for.

Last week I was reading an article at on "What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective". It was a good article but the presentation drove me crazy.

It had a CSS "shade" at the top and another CSS "footer" at the bottom. These caused PgDn to scroll too far and you would miss some of the text. Then you'd have to Up Arrow to see the skipped text.

I didn't have enough patience to read much of it in this manner.

Then I recalled that Edge has a reading view.

I copied the URL and pasted it into Edge. In the address bar is an icon that looks like an open book.

Click on that and you're put into Reading view" mode.

Much better.

I concede that there are similar capabilities in Google's Chrome but they all require hacks or non-Google extensions.

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