Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Just Not Sure

When I went to ASUG a couple of weeks ago, I took 2 SD cards - a 1GB in the Treo to use for audio recording and note taking and a 512MB full of movies and podcasts. I took a wired headset for the Treo to use to listen with but with my luck it was bad. So I wanted to use my laptop to watch the movies on the airplane. But I didn't take my USB SD reader!

When I got back, I got to looking for a USB SD reader to keep on my keyring. There were several choices that called themselves "keyrings" but they didn't have a loop on them or the loop was on the removable top (don't get me started on that!).

I finally found the I-Rock IR8200 at for $12.99 and $4.99 shipping. Here's what it looks like:

You can't tell from this picture but mentioned in one of the comments was that there was a loop on the swivel cover for the USB plug. I could use that to put it on my keyring.

So I ordered one and it came in today.

It's larger than I hoped (but honestly not larger than I expected). Here's how it compares to my Sandisk Micro USB drive and an SD card:

So now, what to do? It's really bigger than I will tolerate in my pocket. I could put it in my laptop case but that's where the regular USB SD reader was when I needed it. Maybe with the keyring loop I can attach it to something like the retractable keyring I keep my RSA token on.

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