Thursday, June 29, 2006

SageTV PlaceShifter

One of the guys at work is a BIG soccer fan. Last week while the first round of the World Cup games were on, he was out of town and was worried that his TiVo might fill up. I told him I was recording several of the games for my son-in-law and that I'd be glad to record some for him using my SageTV system. As we talked, I remembered that Sage introduced a new feature in v5 called PlaceShifter.

PlaceShifter gives you the capability to remotely access your SageTV system. He downloaded the client and I began trying to set it up on my SageTV server. I followed all the directions carefully but it wouldn't work. You have to open a port in your router. I tried it with manual port forwarding and then with UPnP. Neither worked. I opened a support incident with Sage and sent them lots of screen captures. I exchanged e-mails with them for several days.

I finally noticed a thread on their forum on PlaceShifter and described my problem there. I got an answer back from a support person at Sage in 7 minutes! The key was "Oh -- have you restarted SageTV?" The Sage manual kinda talks about this but it's in a different section than where you have to go to setup PlaceShifter.

Anyway, that fixed it and now it works great! I found that you can buy the license for PlaceShifter for $25 from To install the license, there is a link in the SageTV Start menu. You need to have the SageTV server stopped when you do this. You can create as many users as you want but each license gives you 1 concurrent user.

Sage has a server where your SageTV server registers its key and IP address. Then you give the PlaceShifter client that key and it uses the server to get the address of your server. From that point, you pretty much get the same experience as being in your easy chair.

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