Sunday, June 28, 2015

Travel Gadgets

Recently we took a family vacation to Ireland. Being the family geek I felt like I had to take enough gadgets to cover the family including a 6-year old granddaughter.

There were at least 3 different modes of travel: airplane, car, and hotel. I got ziploc bags and labeled them for each set of gadgets.

Before you look, I went way overboard. I *ed the items I actually used. And yeah, I got pulled aside by the TSA guys!

*Cigarette lighter to mini-USB cable
*MicroSD to SD adapter

*Cigarette lighter to mini-USB cable

Mini tripod
*External battery charger and spare batteries
*USB power adapter
*USB power cable
*External 1TB drive

Spare Camera
Samsung CL65 camera
MicroSD card
USB power cable

Car Power
*Cigarette lighter to MicroUSB adapter
Cigarette lighter to 5 USB adapter
*Cigarette lighter splitter
USB to MicroUSB cable

Airplane Power
Fenix battery pack
EmPower to cigarette socket adapter

(Both trans-Atlantic flights (Delta 767-400ER) had 110V power under the seat, which I didn't use)

*Power plug adapters
*Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger
*Orange power cube
*USB to MicroUSB cable (several)
*Apple USB power adapter
*4 USB power adapter
*Lightning cable

Cigarette lighter to 110V inverter

*Lenovo ThinkPad X201
*iPad Mini
*iPad Air
*2013 Moto X
*iPhone 5S


Unknown said...

WHAT???? you didnt take an extension cord with USB ports???

Ben Moore said...

The Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger has 2 2.1 Amp USB ports.